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viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Maria Divine Mercy (8 dic 2011, 9:10 pm)

Talla de la Inmaculada del siglo XVII en marfil y plata (Familia Cano Sordo)
Virgin Mary: “Iexperienced the same suffering”
Thursday, December 8th, 2011 @ 09:10 pm
My child when I gave birth to Jesus Christ the Redeemer of all mankind I was like any mother. My love for this child was so overwhelming I cried tears of great joy when I first saw his beautiful face. Yet I knew that the role I had accepted would not be easy although I never realised, at the time, how difficult this journey would be.
When I looked into the precious face of my cherished child nothing mattered only my desire to protect Him at all times whatever the cost.
My heart was conjoined with that of my Son then as it is today. This same heart suffered in union with Him through every moment of His life on earth.
Every joy He felt I, too, could feel. His laughter brought a smile to my face. His sorrow pained me deeply.
His torture during His crucifixion was felt in every bone in my body. Every nail which pierced his flesh pierced mine. For every punch and kick He received at the hands of his persecutors I felt also.
I experienced the same suffering yet I was not present for much of the torture inflicted on Him which was hidden from me and His disciples.
Today I suffer with my Son just as it was then. When He is mocked in the world today and ridiculed in public, on the stage and in the media, especially by atheists, I cry tears of bitterness.
When I see my precious Son weeping at the sins he witnesses every day I too weep with Him. I see, feel and witness His on-going suffering for mankind.
Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Mankind has suffered for all of you but loves all of you very much.
I will do everything I can to fulfil His dearest wish to save every single soul on earth from the clutches of the evil one.
When this mission has succeeded then, and only then, can I rejoice in final peace when my children reunite as one in the New Paradise.
Pray my child that all those who pray for the salvation of souls that not one soul is excluded.
Go in peace and continue this most important mission for my beloved Son.
I will protect you at all times.
Your beloved Mother
Queen of Heaven

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