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lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (1 ene 2012, 05:30 pm)

There is only one truth. One light. Anything else is a lie.

   My dearly beloved daughter know that no matter how difficult this mission is I will not fail to direct you.
   My voice encourages you at all times. My spirit moves your heart so that you are powerless against it. My love is so enveloping that you are unable to turn your back on Me or deny Me. Yet you find that you stumble along the way.
   When you try to analyse My word you will find you are unable to do this successfully. No amount of analysis can change the truth of what I say.   No one, including you My daughter, has the authority to twist the meaning of My Holy Word so that it becomes more acceptable in your eyes.   This applies to My word contained in the Holy Bible and My word contained within these messages.
   Trust in Me more My daughter. Ask My children and all of My beloved followers to trust in Me completely.
   I will never let humanity down. I will never turn My back on the pleas of My cherished children. I will always respond to poor souls who plead for My Mercy.
   What I will never do My daughter is to speak to My children in order to suit their needs and to give them what they want to hear.
   The truth must be told. My holy word must never be diluted or the truth tampered with.
   My holy word must never be changed, adjusted or twisted so that it becomes a lie.
   Know that the time for My justice is close. Understand that My mercy is great but the wickedness I see in your world disgusts Me.
   This wickedness is even justified by those who profess My word and who claim to know Me.
   They have twisted my teachings for centuries to suit their avarice, lust, pride and greed.
   How it breaks My heart to see acts of depravity paraded before Me and witness how My children are fooled into believing that these acts are acceptable in My eyes.
   Wake up to the truth. My great mercy is available to every single soul during The Warning.
   But beware. Those Christians who believe that the twisted truth of My teachings will be acceptable in My eyes will be shocked during the warning.    They will resist the truth when I reveal how their sins greatly offend Me.
I urge these people to accept that I am the truth and the light. There is only one truth. One light. Anything else is a lie.
   Examine your conscience children honestly before The Warning takes place.  Learn to identify the truth before you come before Me. For then and only then will your suffering be less.
Your Teacher and Redeemer
Saviour of all Mankind
Jesus Christ

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