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domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (13 ene 2012, 09:35 pm)

Scientists will publicly deny this miracle has taken place
Friday, January 13th, 2012 @ 09:35 pm
(ver sitio web en castellano)

        My dearest beloved daughter My Divine Mercy will be finally realised and understood at last.
        My rays of Mercy, which will commence with the pink skies will flood the earth to save mankind.
        Not one person will be excluded. Presidents, Kings, Queens, Princes, Paupers, Celebrities, Beggars, thieves, murderers, atheists and believers in God the Father and Me, his beloved Son will all be touched by my gift.
        The arrogant will fall in humility when they see their grevious sins as they appear before My eyes.
        The wicked will see the light of My Divine existence and will have to make a choice. They will accept My love and mercy or they will slap Me in the face. Either way all of God’s children will see My rays of mercy and will find it hard to ignore this miracle.
        I urge all of you to pray that My Mercy will be welcomed and accepted like a hungry man who grasps the bread of life. Without this bread he will die.
        There are only two paths. Come with Me your Divine Saviour or face the fires of Hell.
        I am ever merciful but there will be so little time for you to show remorse after The Warning.
        Many scientists and those in Satan’s army will be used to publicly deny that this great miracle will have taken place. Pray for them so that this deceit does not seduce those lukewarm souls who may be tempted to turn their backs on Me yet again.
        Prepare children. Remember this intervention from Heaven is the only way I can save most of humanity.
        Were I not to pour out My mercy over the whole world very few souls could enter My New Paradise on earth.
        I love you all and welcome you into the bosom of My love and mercy.
        Have no fear yours souls will be flooded with My Holy spirit. For believers this will make you even stronger in your love for Me and then you will join in My army to convert those who need more time to turn to Me.
Your Saviour and King of Mercy
Jesus Christ

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