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miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (3 ene 2012, 03:30 pm)

God the Father: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these messages
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 @ 03:30 pm

My daughter the gift of today’s vision where I revealed to you the face of My Son and Me, your beloved Heavenly Father, is rare.
You are blessed to have been given this extraordinary gift from the Heavens. This was necessary to make you stronger. Your suffering will ease now and you will become much stronger than before.
     Never fear this work for you must know by now that all power on earth is in My Heavenly hands. No one has power over The Father. Even the deceiver cannot tamper with or change My Heavenly Plan for Humanity.
     Heaven rejoices because of the conversion which has evolved from these, My messages for the world. Over two billion souls will now convert as a direct result of these divine messages.
     No man will stop this work. They may try but it will be useless.
     My divine protection covers all souls who proclaim the truth of eternal salvation.
     Never give up children no matter how hard your suffering becomes. Suffering, never forget, brings you closer to My Heavenly Kingdom.
     You, My children, will rejoice shortly when you feel the graces being poured out upon you through My Son.
     Stay alert. Keep praying for all souls and never doubt for one minute that it is I, your Eternal Father, who brings you peace of mind, body and soul through these messages.
     Treat these messages as sacred. They are and will always be in accordance with My word given to man since the beginning of time. They will ignite the flame of your soul in way in which you will find difficult to ignore.
     Allow My spirit to reach you and relax. Only then can I touch your soul so that a spark of recognition will fire your heart.
     I call you to run to Me so I can embrace you in the only way that a Father can.
     Let Me offer you My protection and graces to make you strong enough to fight in My army against the evil in your world.
     My army will bring about the peace you desire and the love you need to quench your thirst.
     Go in Peace children in the knowledge that the truth is contained in these messages which I have sanctioned for the whole world.
     You will, if pure and humble of heart, recognise My love. Become little, as a child, in my eyes. Only then will I lift you up like an angel in My Hierarchy when the time is right.
     Go in peace. Rest your weary head upon My shoulder and I will bring you the comfort and solace you desire.
     I love you children. Every single one of you.
     I rejoice for when the day comes for our Holy Family to reunite all the Heavens will sing in praise and glory for eternity.
God the Father
Note: Reference 2 billion souls – Maria Divine Mercy wishes it to be known that in an earlier private message received from God the Father to her she was told that “two billion more souls than would otherwise have been will be saved because of these messages”. Many people have interpreted the above message to mean that only two billion people in the world will be saved which is not correct. there will be much more than that. this two billion is in addition.

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