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viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (4 ene 2012)

I will make myself known very soon Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 @ 06:15 pm

My daughter I will make myself known very soon.
The preparations are complete but I need more prayer for those who will die a wretched death in a state of mortal sin during The Warning.8br /> I urge My followers to pray, pray, pray for their poor souls.
I love you My beloved followers. How I rejoice at the love and purity of heart I witness amongst you. You bring Me so much comfort and ease My suffering. Your devotion is like a balm on My festering wounds.
In the world, just as I am dismissed and rejected by so many it is the loyalty of you My beloved followers who brings Me great joy.
My suffering is dictated by the level of Godliness in the world. This world which honours ambition, self glory and false idols.
My name is not deemed important. My voice is not heard above the din of the voices of the self obsessed.
How loud they shout and boast of their wordly gains. But it is the whispers of My beloved followers which allow Me speak so that My voice is heard.
You, My followers are now in union w ith me in a way that will surprise you.
Go, My daughter and tell My beloved followers that I love them and that My graces will make them strong enough to proclaim My holy word to a world that needs to hear the truth so that souls can be saved.
Your beloved Jesus

Attempts at Nuclear War in the East
Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 @ 07:20 pm

(extract from a message received much of which was a personal message to Maria Divine Mercy)
My dearly beloved daughter head Me now while I inform the world that nations will attempt to begin to destroy each other in the east.
Much prayer is needed to ensure that this Nuclear War and other atrocities are averted. Never forget that prayer is powerful and can mitigate many evil events.
I must remind you of My desire to have prayers said to save souls.
I need mora souls My daughter especially those who are destined to die during the Warning.
You must know by now that this is My greatest desire and it will be the prayers of My followers which can bring about the salvation of these souls.
I urge prayer groups everywhere to pray hard now for such souls.
God My Eternal Father will respond accordingly to your requests and offer a lifeline to these poor souls.
You are tired now My daughter. Go in peace. Rest.
Your Jesus

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