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lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (8 ene 2012, 02:04 pm)

     I am the King of all creation. I am the Alpha and the Omega. All Mankind will honour Me, God the Father, Creator of and King of the Most High
     My dearest daughter the time for humanity to honour Me, their heavenly Father in all My Glory, is at last drawing very close.
     The prayers of My beloved children, those humble servants of Mine, are saving souls and much of humanity against the forces of darkness which covers the earth.
     Behold, I say onto all of you My humble followers and those who believe in Me, the creator of all mankind, unite. You must join as one force to honour Me your Father.
     Pray in unity now for global conversion. The Holy Spirit was poured out by Me upon the whole world on the 10th May 2011. Already it has beckoned so many good souls to proclaim My word.
      Now that the power of Satan is diminishing he will attack as many souls as possible. The worst attacks will be inflicted on My Churches and all those who honour Me, their Heavenly Father.
     The faith of My church will continue to weaken but the faith of those who bow before Me will sway the minds of good Christians everywhere and bring them closer to Me.
     Much confusion is evolving among My children. To all those who are distracted from praying to Me, God the of the Most High, hear My plea to humanity now.
     Never allow anyone to distract you from the truth of My Holy word given to mankind to salvage souls.
     Never allow anyone to deter you from praying for those poor tormented souls who have been seized by Satan.
     Unite as one children and pray for Mercy one last time. Your prayers offer Me the help required to save most of humanity.
     You, My daughter, are the end time prophet who will suffer the most. Because of this mission you will receive the last such messages of their kind for the world and will be the primary target of Satan and his minions.
     There are now many prophets who have been given a holy mission sanctioned by me to help guide humanity.
     After your mission I will not be sending anyone else to impart My messages because the world, as you know it, will have been changed forever.
     As the end time prophet your voice will be rejected by believers first most. For they will oppose these divine message aggressively in a way that will startle and frighten you My daughter.
     Satan will attack those poor holy souls as a means to hurt Me. He has already blinded the hearts of believers to the truth.
     He will twist the truth in the minds of those who pay homage to Me, their Heavenly Father and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
     Be joyful, however, because much conversion has already been achieved with the help of other visionaries and prophets in the world.
     So many catastrophic events have already been averted because of their work.
     However a certain number of chastisements will continue to befall humanity in order to purify nations.
     My daughter the serpent’s power will be crushed and soon. This is why My children must not fear the future. You My beloved children have a glorious future ahead of you.
     All you need to do is to pray for your brothers and sisters and trust in Me completely.
     While, The Warning, which will take place soon and unexpectedly will save souls, much prayer is still needed.
     The prayers I ask of you now are especially for young people in every part of the world.
     These are the children entrapped by the wicked lies perpetrated by Satan. These are the children who spend much of their time living in false idolatry and in a make believe world.
     They need your prayers the most.
     Unite children.
     Put your differences aside.
     Shed your coat of pride.
     Drop down in love and humility to ask Me for the graces you need.
     These graces will flood your soul with the Holy Spirit. Only then will your prayers be heard and answered.
Your beloved Heavenly Father
God the Most High

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