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martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (8 ene 2012, 03:30 pm)

Jesus calls to children all over theworld
Sunday, January 8th, 2012 @ 03:30 pm

   My dearest beloved daughter I call out today to all children over the age of seven and to every single child of mine in the world.
   You My little children are like jewels in My eyes.
   You bring Me such tender love and I delight in your company.
   Know that I love you very much. Some of you know Me already and that is good.
   I invite you to chat with me more. In your own words. As a friend.
   Never feel you must learn or recite prayers which you may find difficult.
   Instead come to Me and share all of your thoughts, fears, news or problems.
   I am always at your side even when you ignore Me. I am always hopeful.
   To those poor young people whose lives are filled with falsities or who are involved with drink or drugs you must know this.
   Although you may feel an emptiness inside you must give Me your hand and I will grasp it. I will save you from drowning in a sea of confusion.
   Many of you feel worthless and of no significance. You are so overwhelmed by those you idolise in the world of music and celebrity that you feel completely inadequate.
   Never feel like this my little children because, in My eyes, you are very special.
   Each of you holds a unique place in My heart. Allow Me to take you on a journey to a wonderful new future.
   I will, shortly, introduce a new wonderful Era of Peace and Glory on earth.
   You must keep strong. Never give up when you feel down. Never despair when you feel worthless.
   You, remember, were born for a reason. No matter what your circumstances are the reason for your birth is this. You were born to join with Me as part of My new glorious kingdom.
   I know it is hard for you to hear My voice as there so many false Gods trying to get your attention.
   My promise to you is this. Live your life in hope and love for me, your Jesus and I will give you the gift of Paradise. This Paradise is what is waiting for you if you would only ask Me to help you on your journey towards Me.
   I am the love that is missing from your life.
   I am the peace you look for.
   I am the help you need to feel love in your heart again.
   I am Love.
   I am the Light.
   Without Me you will remain in darkness.
   I love you no matter how you may hurt Me or offend Me.
   Say this little prayer and I will come running to you immediately
     Jesus if you can hear me
     Then listen to my call for help
     Please help me deal with those who cause me pain
     Help me to stop envy taking over my life and to stop me wishing
     For things I cannot have
     Instead open my heart to you dear Jesus
     Help me to feel real love – your love
     And to feel true peace in my heart. Amen.
   Rejoice My children because I now speak to your heart from the Heavens.
   I am real.
   I exist.
   I love you and I will never give up my fight to save you so that I can take you, your family and friends to the New Paradise on Earth.
   This Paradise was created for Adam and Eve and will now return to earth.
   I want you to be part of this new Glorious life which is beyond your dreams.
   I bless you now.
   Your beloved friend

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