En 1962, varios miembros de nuestra familia fuimos testigos del "milagruco", ocurrido en Garabandal (San Miguel Arcángel dio la Sagrada Comunión a Conchita González). Ahora, cincuenta años después, esperamos que terminen de cumplirse las profecías de la Virgen. En este blog nos proponemos recoger -en castellano, inglés, francés, portugués, italiano...- algunos mensajes del Cielo a hombres y mujeres de Dios, en nuestros tiempos. Son continuación de lo que la Virgen anunció en Garabandal, entre 1961 y 1965. Si se leen despacio, son fuente de oración, y de amor a Dios y a nuestros hermanos de todo el mundo. Conviene advertir que, mientras caminamos en esta vida, vamos hacia la luz de la verdad a través de sombras e imágenes veladas. Por eso, no podemos alcanzar aún un discernimiento pleno de estos mensajes. Durante el "Aviso" el Señor disipará nuestras dudas e incertidumbres. Para comprender mejor el contenido del blog, se puede leer la página sobre GARABANDAL.

domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Mensajes (29 ene 2012)

Virgen en Adoración
(Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1615)
1. Maria Divine Mercy (Europa)
Mensaje de: Nuestra Señora.
Fecha: 28 ene 2012, 09:00 pm.
Título: Virgin Mary: Pray for Pope Benedict with all your heart.
Parte del contenido: "Please, my child, you must pray for Pope Benedict with all your heart. He suffers so much and in many ways is alone in his grief for the apostasy he sees both outside of and inside the Holy Vatican. His days in the Holy See have been extended and because of this much of the havoc caused by the evil one has been averted. (...). Here is a special prayer Crusade Prayer (23) for Pope Benedict’s safety:
O My Eternal Father on behalf of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ
and the suffering he endured to save the world from sin
I pray now that you protect your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, Head of your Church on earth
So that he too can help save your children and all your sacred servants
from the scourge of Satan and his dominion of fallen angles who walk the earth stealing souls
O Father protect your Pope so that your children can
Be guided on the true path towards your New Paradise on earth.

Idioma: inglés.

2. Pelianito (Canadá)
Mensaje de: Jesús.
Fecha: 29 ene 2012.
Título: You can still do much before the door of my mercy closes completely….
Contenido: “My children, what anguish it causes your Beloved to see the depths to which man has fallen! How many different ways have I employed to call them back to my merciful heart? My own pure Mother desired to soil her feet once more upon the earth in order to call my children to repentance. My little souls who have heeded the warnings are a great comfort to me. Little children you can still do much before the door of my mercy closes completely. Pray! So many are in such great need! Use every grace I have given you , for graces are poured out, and all those who are open to grace will receive a generous portion, shaken down and flowing over. Invoke the saints and angels. Pray in the Divine Will. Be conduits of mercy. The door is closing. Pull through as many as you can!”
Idioma: inglés.

3. Darly Chagas (Brasil)
Mensaje de: Nuestra Señora.
Fecha: 20 nov 2011.
Título: no tiene; ver mensaje.
Parte del contenido: "Pay attention, the clock is ticking; your lives need much protection. The Heaven is looking to strengthen and protect you, simply follow the Gospel teachings, for spiritual growth that Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, the Only Son of God, true Man, who gave these teachings, which the majority of humanity does not understand because the world is drowning in the murky waters where the big monsters lurk, waiting to destroy them. Everyone is in danger, everyone needs to stay awake, because the enemy likes the garbage, like the darkness to attack and possess the bodies of those who became his slaves. He uses these bodies to make more of his evil acts against God and against those who have decided for Salvation".
Idioma: inglés.

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