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martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Sadie Jaramillo (25 dic 2011)

Messages to Sadie Jaramillo
Message given December 25th, 2011

An Evil Greater Than 9/11 Will Strike!

   Driving home today, (which is a 2 hour drive from my father's house) I began to have a conversation with the Lord. I have been struggling with an interior heaviness.....and I want to cry...a lot.
   Since I have had trouble with 3 of my 6 children, I have been thinking that is the reason. Most of the time Midnight Mass is such a joy for me; and while it was for me this year too, almost immediately it was replaced with this deep sadness and heaviness...and a desire to cry. I have been fighting this feeling all day...so, as I was driving home which is where I pray a lot, I felt I couldn't finish the rosary and instead had this conversation as I began to cry out to the Lord....an interior conversation that He (Jesus) has heard many times before.....as I begin to acknowledge my nothingness; my intense hatred for sins that I committed in the past and the extreme desire to atone for them through and in the Divine Will; for the trials and pains each of these 6 children of mine have caused me....
   Suddenly I was "interrupted" by Our Lady, because I was crying, I was surprised because it has been very quiet for me...interiorly....a struggle. I rebuked what I was hearing in the Name of Jesus.
   Our Lady answered me

   "It is I your mother...and the mother who brought the infant Jesus, divine and human, into the world (to bestow) the greatest gift to mankind: Jesus Christ brings mankind salvation! Today and always His praises are sung!
   Your cries and prayers (and the prayers of all in my remnant) rise to heaven like fragrant incense. It is a gift we in heaven have received and it has appeased the Father's anger and has saved many souls. Souls you must continue to pray for. Souls that have continued to reject the gift of salvation the Divine Child whose birth you celebrate today came into the world to give mankind.
   (The reason you cry is not just for your own children) but rather you cry, my daughter, for the many souls that will die; for the souls who will be brought to their knees very soon. For you will not (have) entered and be into the New Year (very long) before an evil greater than 9/11 will strike. It will cause many to fear and tremble and they will know that it is coming from the justice of God the Father, who has for a very long time, been very much offended by the sins of mankind that has sunk humanity to greater depths of degradation than ever before.
   The Christ Child runs to your hearts, for there he finds himself immersed in your love; from there he finds a soothing relief from the pain he has suffered for the rejection of His love.

NOTE: For years I have prayed the prayer to St. Joseph (the one in the Pieta) to help me as I consider him the head of my household; I have asked him to guide me interiorly as a priest once told me he is patron of the interior prayer life; and to protect me and provide for me as he did for Our Lady.
   Years ago I joined the Pious Union of St. Joseph and have long had a devotion to him, also as patron of the dying for the Holy Souls, to whom I also have a deep devotion to.
   Well a couple of months back, as I was crying out to St. Joseph to intercede for me, I would always see him interiorly holding the Christ Child...when suddenly St. Joseph put the Child Jesus down and Jesus ran to me, and jumped into my arms.....like when my grandchildren run to me and I lift them up and hug and kiss them. This left me very emotional....very......and even now as I write, my eyes well up with tears.
   I have never left that child like way of praying and calling out to heaven....I guess that is what started it all. I was at that time more ignorant of spiritual things than I am now....I do not pretend today to know anything. All that I have learned and gone through is like a drop in the ocean...and I am continually crying out to heaven, the saints and angels......

Blessed Mother Continues:

   Do not worry about anything; or any of your children. Very soon, they, like many others, will be brought to their knees, for they will know what they are experiencing is from God, and because of the prayers of yourself and the remnant, many souls have been saved from the devouring flames of hell. They will repent, and in a mighty way, God will show His Omnipotent Power; and I will lead you and all my little army through the darkest and bloodiest days of this battle.
   Tell my children to keep their eyes and hearts on Jesus.....tell them that they are my property if they have consecrated themselves to me, and I will protect them. Tell them that the Holy Ghost of God will empower those who are open to His promptings, to do mighty things for God.
   Tell them that heaven knows they are weary (but) they must strengthen their droopy knees*....for their redemption and my victory is very near!
   Today, heaven rejoices and sings Alleluia! Today the Blessings of the Infant Jesus, with all His power and majesty come down upon all you of my remnant, and together with Him, I bless you all! Amen.

* Hebrews 12:11-14

   Now all chastisement for the present indeed seemeth not to bring with it joy, but sorrow: but afterwards it will yield, to them that are exercised by it, the most peaceable fruit of justice. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, And make straight steps with your feet: that no one, halting, may go out of the way; but rather be healed. Follow peace with all men, and holiness: without which no man shall see God.
   Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus: Keep the prize of all this suffering close to your hearts! This message is for ALL of us who find ourselves feeling this burden of sorrows. I have heard this from many in the remnant. I can tell you that Our Lady makes it very clear: we all are in this together.
   We all are suffering; we all feel tired; we all feel like we can't go on (at one time or another), we all are being awakened in the 2 and 3 o'clock hour; and experiencing the prompting's of God to our hearts..perhaps for some it is specific, i.e., a person's name or face comes to you, or the Lord has put a burden on your hearts for the elderly; or for the aborted babies and/or that movement; for the imprisoned; for the homeless..etc... OR....as I have been feeling. A deep profound sadness that brings me to tears at the drop of a hat. A feeling of an "impending something" that is not good.
   Signs abound all around us...so we must keep vigilant and alert. We must continue to pray and if at all possible in our prayer groups. Community prayer is very powerful....and can bring about miracles. I once heard it said, "God governs the world, but prayer governs God"......and I have always said that we must pray as if our lives depend on it...because it does.
   Before I close, I would like to thank you all for your prayers, because it is YOUR prayers that allow me to still be "here".....I am very behind in updating my mail list....so those of you who have asked me to subscribe you, bear with me. I will get to it soon...I have not been feeling well physically so it is hard to sit at the computer. There should be a link at the bottom of the newsletters that allow you to subscribe or change your email address.
   I go before Our Lord and Our Lady every day and ask that they grant the desires of your hearts in accordance with the Divine Will of God, and of course for all of the prayer requests that are emailed to me.
   Until next time... Love in the Two Hearts,

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