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miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Maria Divine Mercy (13 dic 2011, 8:15 pm)

I can´t bear to think of those souls dragged by Santan into Hell
Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 @ 08:15 pm
Tuesday 13 December 2011
My dearest beloved daughter preparations are important for all of my followers as The Warning draws closer.
All those believers must pray hard for the forgiveness of their sins in order to avoid the pain of Purgatory which most people in the world will experience immediately after The Warning for a short time.
Pray, pray for all those who will be traumatized when they see the condition of their souls when their sins are revealed to them during The Warning.
They must understand that their sins must be revealed to them before they can be cleansed of all sin so they can enter into My New Paradise on Earth – the New Era of Peace, Love and Happiness which each of My children must inherit.
My heart is full of joy because I bring this great gift to mankind. Yet My sadness lingers because of those who will simply reject the chance of this new life.
I need so many prayers children so that Satan can be stopped from stealing their souls. He will continue to do this right up to the last minute.
I cannot bear to think of those souls who will be pulled from Me screaming and kicking in protest as he and his minions drag them into the depths of Hell.
Help me children to prevent this through your prayers.
Children these souls must reject Satan and his ways outright if they are to enter the New Paradise. They must either turn to Me willingly or not at all.
They have two choices, the New Paradise on earth or the depths of eternal damnation in the company of Satan.
Never ever doubt the existence of Hell children. Be aware that every blackened soul, upon death, is dragged by Satan’s demons into Hell and tormented for eternity. For all his promises Satan has created a horrific state of torture for such souls. Because of his hatred for humanity these souls will suffer beyond their endurance. Yet endure they must for all of eternity.
Don’t these souls know what Satan’s promises deliver?
Don’t they know that riches, fame and seductive materialism will create a clear pathway straight into the arms of the Evil One?
Wake up all of you while you can. Save yourselves and those poor misguided sinners from this terrible end to your existence.You do not have much time.
Let prayer for these souls begin today.
Your Saviour
Jesus Christ

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