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martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Maria Divine Mercy (16 ene 2012, 01:20 pm)

God the Father: Final messenger to herald the Second Coming
Monday, January 16th, 2012 @ 01:20 pm
(ver sitio web en castellano y entrevista a Maria Divine Mercy)

        My daughter when I send prophets into the world they will usually be those whom you least expect.
        Never will you find them in the highest echelons of My church. Nor will they be the most outwardly holy souls. In many cases they will not be worthy of this special gift.
        Yet I chose imperfect souls from unusual but simple walks of life so that I can mould them into the creatures I so desire.
        My prophets for the end times are no different. They will not be accepted easily. As in the beginning when I first sent My prophets to prepare mankind for the arrival of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah they found it difficult for their voices to be heard.
        The voices of my genuine end time messengers will not be listened to at the start of their mission. Yet in time they will be recognised. For it will be My voice that will become easily identifiable.
        You, My daughter, are the final messenger sent to herald the arrival of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ for His much anticipated Second Coming.
        This is frightening for you and, at times, very difficult to digest. Yet it is the truth.
        This work, when you will be given divine messages to prepare the remnants of My church on earth for the Second Coming, will be difficult.
        While I have selected many chosen souls up to now and will continue to communicate with them for the good of all mankind, their lot will be easier.
        Your lot will be difficult in the extreme and you will be persecuted because of it.
        I bless you with every grace from My Heavenly Kingdom.
        You will move forward as the chosen instrument to impart My Most Holy word to the world.
        This work will be protected at all times.
        Yes you will be attacked almost daily but know this. If this work were not so important do you think that it could escape the notice of Satan and his dominion of fallen angels?
        They, My daughter, have infiltrated the earth and have crawled, in many cases unsuspectingly, into the hearts and souls of many of My children.
        The holy path of your work, you the final messenger sent to earth to help save humanity from the final grip of Satan, has been foretold in the scriptures.
        The world has been awaiting these instructions by My Holy Command.
        Many false prophets will try to block this, My holy word, through the spread of lies and confusion.
        These messages will be questioned and examined by My church for errors. Yet they impart only the truth.
        Much of the truth, ignored by My churches down through the centuries, will emerge again.
        More revelations as to the truth of your eternal life children will be revealed to you.
        This work will cause outrage My daughter. You will be spat upon, ridiculed, looked down upon and blocked in every way imaginable.
        To those who find difficulty with the truth given to you, the final end time prophet, hear now My pleas.
        You must ask Me for the gift of the Holy Spirit before you can open your ears to hear My voice. To the truth of My holy word and to the instructions that I will give you all so that you can have eternal life.
        My words will be made simple so that every man, woman and child can follow My holy word. But you must know this. While there will be much love and light shining through My word there will also be an air of divine authority which you will find impossible to ignore.
        That is how you will know that it is I, your God, your Eternal Father who speaks. My love will invade your souls and lift your hearts in union with Mine.
        All preparations are in place. After My beloved Son’s Great Mercy the time will be set aside to prepare the world for His Second Coming.
        Yes children. I am now arranging to save My children from the darkness. I am reclaiming My creation, my children and I am taking you to your rightful home, your inheritance. The New Paradise.
        Be patient children. Just remember I love you. Trust in Me and in My Holy word given to you through My end time prophet Maria Divine Mercy.
Your Eternal Father
God of the Most High
Creator of all things

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